Halsey Street Grill Fried Chicken Dinner

Fried chicken is one of the world’s favorite chicken dishes that have been floured and fried to crispy, delicious perfection. It’s often referred to as Southern Fried Chicken or “soul food”, a cuisine originally developed by African Americans from the American South.
There are many fried chicken variations, and you’ll often see restaurants advertising their own style of this dish. But if you’re longing for fried chicken soul food-style, Halsey Street Grill in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn serves a scrumptious fried chicken fashioned from authentic ingredients served on a plate of fries or greens or your choice of sides.

Simply Hearty and Flavorful
Halsey Street Grill’s secret in their Southern fried chicken recipe is in its flavors and cooking technique past down from generations. The restaurant’s soul food fried chicken has few ingredients, but expertly seasoned. The seasoning and spices marry together to create a well-made fried chicken that packs a lot of flavorful bite. The mark of a Halsey Street Grill fried chicken has a well-seasoned breading, exhibits a crispy and crunchy skin, is not too salty, and has a tender, succulent flesh.
Also, fried chicken can be accompanied with nearly any side dish. Halsey Street Grill offers side dish options that would go well with your fried chicken: fresh steamed vegetables, coleslaw, classic greens, french fries, roasted corn, potato salad, baked mac and cheese, string beans or candied yams. And don’t forget to wash it all down with Halsey Grill’s fruit smoothie or iced tea.
260 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11216

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